With Gaga at the Harrods FAME launch!


With Gaga at the Harrods FAME launch!

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Impulse nights out at the BEST! 

Ok, so Saturday night I was a little saddened. My favourite band of all time, were playing in my favourite city on the Sunday night and I didn’t have a ticket. I found out months before that they were touring and visiting Sheffield, but didn’t think to get a ticket because I didn’t think I’d have anywhere to crash for the night. Put a status on facebook which read “gutted I’m not going to the Fratellis tomorrow night”, in which one of my friends replied saying that she was going to the gig! I was riddled with jealousy, but wished her a good time anyway. She replied by inviting me to join them and offered me a bed for the night! I slept on it. I’m loosing my job in 5 weeks, so thought it be best to save some money or at least contemplate the invitation.

Sunday morning, the day of the gig, I woke up, still not making my mind up whether to go or not. I went with my boyfriend for a 2 hour swim and gym to think again. He convinced me to go, he reminded me that I had a savings fund for an Ipad and I should just dip into that. I agreed. Quickly, I text my friend in Sheffield asking if her offer still stood. It did! YAY! But, I didn’t have a ticket and the gig had sold out! Wounded! I quickly searched on ebay and to my relief someone was selling ONE ticket and it was available for collection at the gig! It was on buy it now, so I did it. Gave the seller my phone number and we arranged to meet close to the venue!

Could not believe this was happening! The Fratellis are my favourite band in the whole world, and I’m not just saying that, they really are. I once waited 4 hours, by myself, in the pouring rain to meet them! In 2009 they sadly split up and did seperate projects, all of which I followed, bought the albums and saw live. All were brilliant little side projects, but nothing could possibly compare to all of them back together on stage.

Ran to the train station, and arrived into Sheffield at about 6.30. Grabbed something to eat and waited to meet the seller of the ticket. It was a cash on collection exchange, so I knew she wasn’t going to do a runner with my money if I had paid with paypal. Found Sharon (seller) in the pub, lovely lady, seemed as excited as I was.

Met up with my friends, all of us bouncing off one and others excitement. We were on such a high! 3 years I’d waited to see them again. I know it sounds daft, but it really wouldn’t sink in, that I was going to see them again.

Got in the venue, out of the pouring rain and got a really good view of the stage. Got a drink, and the support band came on. Like every support band, I didn’t know any of the songs and I’d never heard of them, but they were good at what they did all the same.

Then the waiting. There was only a half an hour gap between the support band finishing and the Fratellis coming on. I was checking my watch every 10 seconds, hoping that time was going fast. The crowd were gearing up for it, everyone moving closer to the stage. Then they were on…

…I didn’t know whether to scream or cry. So many emotions. I was sporting the biggest smile in the whole world. THEY WERE BACK! Jon, rocking his new haircut. Baz, rocking a few extra pounds and Mince, rocking a fair few more tattoos. Then I heard the guitar riff for the start of Henrietta. The crowd went absolutely mental! Fantastic! 

As the songs came streaming out, the crowd happily bouncing and swaying away, it finally hit me where I was and what I was watching. Then Jon started playing Whistle for the Choir. Every single part of me wanted to break down in tears. My favourite Fratellis song. The song that Jon unexpectedly dedicated to ME 4 years ago. No-one can ever comprehend how good that moment was. Holding back the tears, I happily danced and swayed with the rest of the crowd and my friends.

They went off and the crowd eagerly awaited Chelsea Dagger and their encore. The crowd attempted to entice them back onto the stage by shouting the riff for the song ‘Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh…’ Brilliant. It worked and they came back out after a short pause. Myself and my friends had moved closer to the pit, hoping to get involved with the excitement. As soon as the song started, beer went flying, elbows came out and the pushing began! We were all pushed straight to the front, yay! I had my camera in my hand and thought to record all of it, it was a song and a moment I never want to forget. I’ve seen the Fratellis 4 times previous to Sunday night, but I have never seen the crowd go THAT wild. It was like everyone was feeling the same as me, they’d waited 3 years for that song, so they were going to give the band the response they deserved! It was perfect. 

Some people might be thinking now, ahh its only the Fratellis, no massive band. Or, christ, she’s well pathetic for writing an essay about a semi-famous band. But the fact is, you have no idea how much this band means to me. 4 years ago, they were responsible for the greatest day of my life. They unexpectedly dedicated a song to me, their drummer gave me a box of mince pies and a bottle of vodka, but most of all they’re genuine guys. They all really care about their fans. Yeah alright, they might not be top of the charts at the minute, but you will never find me one chart topping band who are as kind, loyal and think about their fans more than they think about the money, fame or sex. 

Fantastic boys. Never a let down. 

Never disappear again <3

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I’ve been to London, a free festival with VIP wristbands and Newcastle to watch the Olympics. 

Fair to say I’ve been busy and spent a lot. 


Chariots of Fire ft Mr Bean (For Olympics Project)


Chariots of Fire ft Mr Bean (For Olympics Project)